Ugh, do I have to have a title?

I hate hospitals.

Hate may not be a strong enough word. Ever since my cousin died unexpectedly, I can’t think of going into a hospital without anxiety kicking in.  The only time the nausea,  panic, and extreme sadness didn’t overwhelm me was when I went to the hospital to meet my first nephew. 

Last weekend, two of my uncles were in a bad motorcycle accident in easternen Washington. They were both airlifted from the scene; one to a hospital in eastern Washington,  the other to Harborview in Seattle.  Both are alive and recovering better than expected,  but they are not in good shape.  One is in critical condition, the other is in serious condition. 

I’ve wanted to go visit both,  but that anxiety has kicked in every time I think about it.

Yesterday I decided it was time.  I made arrangements to meet my sister (any minute now) and we are going together.

Hopefully she will be able to make the day trip to visit the other uncle with me thisweekend. I want to pretend that her strength is mine.

Please keep thinking happy thoughts (or prayers if that is more your thing). Good vibes are always helpful.

The year (or so) in review.

Wow.  So yet again,  it has been a while (more than a year!) since my last post.

A busy year it was too! I traveled cross country for work a few times,  got to manage a great protect,  went to the last ever SOE Live with Hubby (which was a hell of a lot of fun, and really ought to be it’s own post), my Nana passed away (while I was in Vegas, so much regret), I went to PAX Prime (of course) with great friends, my grand niece was born, my boss quit, I participated in Extra Life for the first time (and raised over $500 for Seattle Children’s Hospital!), I got a new kitten (Jayne), my brother came to stay with us for a few weeks,  my brother got into a BAD accident (without any life threatening injuries,  thankfully), Hubby’s grandmother passed away,  I had Took’s (aka gimpy-cat) leg amputated, my second nephew was born, I started regularly streaming on twitch, and so on…

So much that I could have written about (and still may).

I actually came here with a specific thing that I planned to write about, before I got distracted with the year-in-review, but I’m out of time.

I’m off to table top game night.  Wish me victory!

More later (soon? Maybe…)

Town at night.

Moving Day!

When the Ancient Forest and Tundra biomes were added to Landmark, I abandoned my tower and moved. It is hard to believe more than two weeks have already passed.

I found a lovely claim on a new island on the border between tundra and ancient forest in a beautiful valley near the beach, and fortunately Hubby and my aussie gamer buddies found claims nearby.

I took my time rebuilding the tower larger and prettier, improved my roof building technique, and then started experimenting to learn the tools and funky techniques a little better.

The swap meets put on by SmokeJumper, Govinda, and others had so many great examples of micro and antivoxel techniques, and so many creative ideas. Plus, I got a one on one tutorial from Tsagh on antivoxels. He (?) is a great teacher, and I highly recommend watching for the next class at the Leyspring academy.

When they announced the end of Alpha, I focused on adding Wantia(EQ)/Shin(EQ2) style houses to my village. I was able to work out the basic style, but there is a lot of work to do to be able to put together a complete village.

For those that don’t know, Alpha is now over. Closed beta starts later this week (Wednesday hopefully), and then it will be moving day again.

I’m planning on starting the village from scratch again (unless I get another wild inspiration). I’m not looking forward to coming up with the 38000 burled wood that I will need to rebuild the tower.

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Craft Pavilion

Honoring the Craft

Wall before smoothing.

A lot has changed on my claim this week! During the work week I made slow progress. I went through the entire tower and smoothed the Plain Wood parts of the walls (for those who aren’t playing Landmark, that’s the open parts that sort of look like latticework). 

Smoothed wall.

After a couple days looking at the tower with smoothed walls, I wasn’t sure that I liked it. (more…)

Bug Report

I just submitted my favorite bug report ever. Since I regularly write bug reports for work, that’s really saying something.

One of the items in the Landmark patch notes today was “Added a feedback message to the player when they submit a bug. Now you know when it successfully sends the bug!”

Well, this evening I came across a bug, and submitted it (like the good little tester I am), and was disappointed to see that I did not receive a bug submission confirmation.

So naturally I proceeded to report another bug: “I submitted a bug report, and didn’t receive the new message confirming that the bug report had been submitted, so I am now submitting a bug report about bug report submission. :)”

When I read this to Hubby, I couldn’t stop laughing… but then a friend asked if I got a message confirming my bug report about not receiving a message about bug reports. And alas I didn’t.

Hopefully the bug is with the confirmation message for the submission of bug reports, and not the bug report submission itself, because it would be a shame if my bug report didn’t make SOMEONE laugh.

Murren’s Mountain

Holy crap you guys!

When I posted about my Landmark build, I never expected that people would like it so much. I have had a few people stop by to take a look while I was playing (building), and yesterday Noobzilla posted a walk through of my claim on YouTube! Check it out!

I’m grateful for all of the positive feedback, and in shock a bit.

My silly Qho floor, before I placed it in the tower. (Click for full size)

I created a crappy mosaic for the floor on the first level of the tower in honor of everyone’s favorite EQ2 trade skill quest giver, Qho AugrenIt is actually fairly ugly, but it amuses me. I expect that I’ll replace the floor with prettier tiles in the long run.This past week was super busy, so I haven’t made as much progress as I would have liked, but here are some updates.

I also finished placing the latticework in the walls of the tower, and I love how it looks. The next step (which I will start on this afternoon) will be to do some smoothing on the latticework to open the sides up a bit more. I hope that it ends up letting in more light! Since the lamps were dimmed, it doesn’t get bright enough in the tower.  

I’m a little worried that I’ll end up disliking it when the lattices are smoothed. To be safe I’m taking screenshots of the different wall configurations to work from in case I need to redo anything (since my templates are too full to hold the walls). 

For now, I’ve called my claim “Murren’s Mountain” (because I’m no good at creative names). I’m trying to come up with a better name to use long-term, and leaning toward something like “Shin Tower” (since it is inspired by the Village of Shin in EQ2 and Shinto architecture).

Latticework walls are placed!

Latticework walls are placed! (Click for full size)

Show and Tell – Landmark

I’ve been playing a lot of EverQuest Next Landmark recently. Even though it is still early in alpha, the game is great. In fact, I have hardly played any Minecraft (my most recent gaming obsession) since Landmark alpha started.

Me, Hubby, and our long time Aussie friend, just hanging out.

Me, Hubby, and our long time Aussie friend, just hanging out.

Landmark has so much potential, and the entire process that they (SOE) are taking with the open communication, no NDA, pay-to-play Alpha is refreshing. And also super fascinating to the business systems analyst and project manager in me. I’ll probably share my thoughts on that later.

Landmark is a sandbox game that is heavily focused on exploration and building the world. The pieces that have been released to the alpha group so far consist almost entirely of resource gathering, crafting, and building tools. So in essence, you go into the world and a piece of land plant your flag in it (almost literally) and build. You gather the resources that you need to make and upgrade tools, and to build everything that you want to build on your land. And you explore what others have built. There are some very talented people playing this game.

But now to the point. Today I want to share what I have made so far. (Click to view full size!)

The view from the bottom of the path up the mountain.

The view from the bottom of the path up the mountain.

I don’t consider any of this done at this point.

I really wanted to build a traditional Shinto arch, but I need to practice with the tools more before I can make one that looks right.

View from above, with Hubby's place down in the valley.

View from above, with Hubby’s place down in the valley.

Neighbors dotting the mountain tops.

Other settlers dotting the mountain tops.

I have three other neighbors near by. One at the base of my hill (almost looks like part of my claim) and two out in the desert valley.

I have three other neighbors near by. One at the base of my hill (almost looks like part of my claim) and two out in the desert valley.

For the building, I am still working on the latticework in the walls, and haven’t done much work on the interior. I plan to use the smoothing tool on all of it (or at least parts) to make the edges softer, and maybe make the pillars round. The arch is pretty, but not what I wanted.


I love how it looks at night!

I love how it looks at night!

Another night view.

Another night view.

If the images don’t load properly here, you can also view them on imgur.

For those of you out there that are playing landmark, if you have questions about how I did anything, let me know! I’m happy to share. If you want to take a look in person, I’m on Liberation/Dell in the SW corner of the jungle (coordinates:  -1340.40, 1340.60, 1647.60).

Where did that 15 minutes go?

Open browser to look something up on intranet.

See something funny in Helpdesk system.

Think about tweeting to a friend about it.

Open twitter.

Get distracted by shinies.

Realize you haven’t checked Facebook today.

Open Facebook.

Look at a cute picture.

Realize that you’re not getting work done.

Close browser.

Open email.

Remember why you were looking at intranet.

Open browser.

Notice funny ticket in queue.

Remember why you got distracted in the first place.

Compose tweet about it.

Tweet is too long.

Consider deleting it and getting back to work.

Make blog post instead.

What a week!

Last week was quite a week. Good and bad. Downs and ups.

I spent most of the week sick with some sort of stomach bug. And that was crappy (heh heh). I’m usually one of those horrible people who goes to work when sick because when I stay home sick I feel useless. And I hate feeling useless. But my nephew was due to come into the world on Monday and I didn’t want to miss it, so I actually took care of myself.

Mid-week I got news that my nana’s fast growing lung growth was definitely cancer, and that it had spread to her lymphatic system. Terrible is an understatement. Her health has been bad for a while, so she’s not a surgery candidate. If the tests that they’re doing tomorrow don’t show anything bad, then she’ll start radiation and chemo soon, but even so the prognosis isn’t great.

I was still sick when my sister-in-law went into labor Thursday morning. I was working (making myself feel useful) at home and anxiously reading texts from my mom and brother and hoping for pictures. It was disappointing as hell (I’d planned to stay at the hospital with them and snuggle my new nephew as quickly as I could), but I’d rather delay the baby cuddles than make baby and mom sick!

Friday morning, my nephew finally emerged. I got to see him for a minute (but no longer, because I was still sick). He is adorable and strong and healthy, and my sister-in-law is recovering well.

This weekend I’ll get to see my nana and my nephew and give them both hugs wishing Nana speedy recovery and my nephew a happy healthy childhood.


My boring morning

It is moving day. My baby brother is moving into his first apartment, and I took the day off to help him move. It shouldn’t take long and it is his only day off work this week, so we decided to get a late start so he can sleep in and spend time with our brother before we get started.
I tried to sleep in as well, but it didn’t work. I’m too much a morning person to sleep in. And I wish I’d remember that when I decide to stay up late!
Instead of sleeping in, I’ve checked my work email, my personal email, facebook, g+, pinterest, etc. (and even written a short blog post that I will actually publish!) and still have 2 hours to kill.
I’ve been debating between starting a new book (the second in the Dresden series), taking down the rest of the Christmas decor, or starting to reorganize the office/craft room (winner!)
Yep, that’s it. Just a post about my boring morning.