Resolutions for Twenty Eleven

Oh yes, it is that time of year again. I might have forgotten if it had not been for Stargrace sharing some of her resolutions.

Last year I made three resolutions: To take care of myself, complete my bachelor’s degree, and work on my blog every day. I did complete my degree, but I am disappointed in how I did with the others. There were weeks when I didn’t even log in to WordPress, and months where I didn’t post anything. I may have been a little better at making “me” time while I was in school, but I was also worse at taking care of my health. I gained about twenty pounds.

I do expect and hope that it will be easier this year, since being done with school gives me so much more free time. This year I’m going to focus on the things I missed and neglected while in school.

In 2011 I plan to:

  1. Spend more time with Hubby
  2. Spend more time with family and friends
  3. Give myself more “me time” – Painting, Reading, Walking, or whatever else I want to do
  4. Study for PMP certification, but at my own pace.
  5. Take better care of myself and Hubby.
  6. Participate in the Post a Week challenge

Perhaps when I’m lacking inspiration for my at-least-weekly posts, I’ll share my progress.

Updates! (Aug 12, 2010)

Happy Thursday night! I hope everything is well for you! I spent the evening updating a couple of things here. Nothing major, but I thought I’d share anyhow.

  1. About page is completely redone! It’s way more awesome and descriptive than before. However, if you’ve been reading Murren pursues the dream for a while, you won’t find anything enlightening.
  2. Contact page is also reworked. It is slightly more amusing, but equally functional.
  3. Tweet button! The newest WordPress feature is a tweet button that shows below each post. Click it, it gives you a short link and will allow you to post a tweet. Kinda neat. I’m just jumping on the bandwagon with this one. I’m not all that into it. (Because seriously, what’s more traffic going to do for me? It’s not like I’m selling something, I’m just sharing what’s on my mind.)

Comments on the Enterprise theme

I’ve gotten a bit of traffic coming from a pingback from WordPress’s announcement for Enterprise (linked in my previous post), so I thought I’d add this post to share what I like about Enterprise and make the pingback actually useful to people coming from the Enterprise announcement.

I was previously using Freshy. Freshy is clean and colorful, but not as customizable as Enterprise is, and not as clean as Enterprise.

My favorite things about enterprise: (more…)

Pardon my mess…

I’m in the middle of switching layouts here, and so my colors and heading are a bit screwy. I’d like to finish it up tonight, but I must switch back to my studies.

By the way, thank you WordPress people for Enterprise.

EDITED 16 May 2010: Click here to see my thoughts about Enterprise.

Everyone needs a dream

It has been too long since I last posted. I’ve been giving a great deal of thought to the dream, and it is time to share what I’ve concluded.

I am not giving up on the dream. Everyone needs a dream, and everyone should have a dream that is realistic. Dreaming about winning the lottery is great. But seriously, did you ever really think you would win? (more…)