That’s Bananas!

I started writing this as a tweet, but as soon as I realized it would be at least five… I decided it was time for a blog post.

I had a weird dream last night…

I was flipping through a book that was sort of a mash up of Randall Munroe’s Thing Explainer, a National Geographic, & an encyclopedia. I came across 42 page article about the benefits of bananas, and mentioned it to Beetle.

He said that it was a very interesting read, and that it essentially said that people who eat bananas are more likely to be successful, and that it gave the example of people who work at [some prestigious place that I can’t remember] who always have a banana with them. He said that they wouldn’t hire people who came to an interview without a banana…

Naturally, I was intrigued…

So then this morning I was at the store to pick up an energy drink (at 4:30 am, because work is weird like that. Also, hooray for my last EARLY day), and this dream came back to me.

A few months ago, went through a period where I was eating bananas every day. It happened to be around the time that I was losing weight, energetic, etc…

So then I remembered the dream. And I bought bananas. Because obviously my brain was trying to tell me something.

Yay bananas!

A different type of dream.

A week ago, my alarm woke me in the middle of one of the most vivid dreams I’ve had in a long time. It was brief but so real. I was on a train. Hubby and my brother were there. My brother was introducing us to his girlfriend. We were talking and hugging, and I was so excited to finally meet her.

Then I realized we were in the Philippines. I don’t recall what we were talking about. The train was running along side the water and everything was very bright.

Then the door opened and an old friend/former coworker walked in. He was as shocked to see us as we were to see him. We hugged and asked each other what we were doing there. He was there for work, naturally (which is silly because his new job requires very little travel).

Then my alarm went off, and it was over.

It was very easy for me to place why I had this particular dream. I had woken up in the middle of the night with back pain and moved to the couch so I wouldn’t disturb Hubby. While I was stretching my back to make the pain go away, I’d noticed that I’d received some new pictures of my brother and his girlfriend. Was is actually in the Philippines at the time meeting her in person for the first time. I must have fallen asleep thinking of the two of them in her brightly lit home and in my dream joined them.