Moving Day!

When the Ancient Forest and Tundra biomes were added to Landmark, I abandoned my tower and moved. It is hard to believe more than two weeks have already passed.

I found a lovely claim on a new island on the border between tundra and ancient forest in a beautiful valley near the beach, and fortunately Hubby and my aussie gamer buddies found claims nearby.

I took my time rebuilding the tower larger and prettier, improved my roof building technique, and then started experimenting to learn the tools and funky techniques a little better.

The swap meets put on by SmokeJumper, Govinda, and others had so many great examples of micro and antivoxel techniques, and so many creative ideas. Plus, I got a one on one tutorial from Tsagh on antivoxels. He (?) is a great teacher, and I highly recommend watching for the next class at the Leyspring academy.

When they announced the end of Alpha, I focused on adding Wantia(EQ)/Shin(EQ2) style houses to my village. I was able to work out the basic style, but there is a lot of work to do to be able to put together a complete village.

For those that don’t know, Alpha is now over. Closed beta starts later this week (Wednesday hopefully), and then it will be moving day again.

I’m planning on starting the village from scratch again (unless I get another wild inspiration). I’m not looking forward to coming up with the 38000 burled wood that I will need to rebuild the tower.

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Honoring the Craft

Wall before smoothing.

A lot has changed on my claim this week! During the work week I made slow progress. I went through the entire tower and smoothed the Plain Wood parts of the walls (for those who aren’t playing Landmark, that’s the open parts that sort of look like latticework). 

Smoothed wall.

After a couple days looking at the tower with smoothed walls, I wasn’t sure that I liked it. (more…)

Murren’s Mountain

Holy crap you guys!

When I posted about my Landmark build, I never expected that people would like it so much. I have had a few people stop by to take a look while I was playing (building), and yesterday Noobzilla posted a walk through of my claim on YouTube! Check it out!

I’m grateful for all of the positive feedback, and in shock a bit.

My silly Qho floor, before I placed it in the tower. (Click for full size)

I created a crappy mosaic for the floor on the first level of the tower in honor of everyone’s favorite EQ2 trade skill quest giver, Qho AugrenIt is actually fairly ugly, but it amuses me. I expect that I’ll replace the floor with prettier tiles in the long run.This past week was super busy, so I haven’t made as much progress as I would have liked, but here are some updates.

I also finished placing the latticework in the walls of the tower, and I love how it looks. The next step (which I will start on this afternoon) will be to do some smoothing on the latticework to open the sides up a bit more. I hope that it ends up letting in more light! Since the lamps were dimmed, it doesn’t get bright enough in the tower.  

I’m a little worried that I’ll end up disliking it when the lattices are smoothed. To be safe I’m taking screenshots of the different wall configurations to work from in case I need to redo anything (since my templates are too full to hold the walls). 

For now, I’ve called my claim “Murren’s Mountain” (because I’m no good at creative names). I’m trying to come up with a better name to use long-term, and leaning toward something like “Shin Tower” (since it is inspired by the Village of Shin in EQ2 and Shinto architecture).

Latticework walls are placed!

Latticework walls are placed! (Click for full size)

Too many things that I want to do, not enough time.

I’m constantly plagued by wanting to do, play, read, and watch too many things. I get into one, and get distracted by the next. It is the story of my life (and part of why I post here so rarely.

Recently, I’ve been making an effort to be on the computer less (and when I am on the computer to not play the same thing all the time). I’m now in the middle of a few craft projects:

  • Learning to crochet – It’s an on going process, and I mostly fiddle with it when I’m watching shows with my hubby. I’ve finished 2 things so far, and I’m free forming a blanket for my cats to lay on/play with now (since they love crocheted things so much).
  • Painting miniatures – I’m painting some Big Lebowski miniatures that I got for my brother and Hubby for Christmas. Many hours to go before I complete these, many other miniatures to paint when I’m done (more warmachine minis, and then my Stonehaven dwarven adventurers), and more coming in May (Relic Knights!).
  • The game box! – I have an old wooden box that I’m decorating and will use to store smallish games (Cards Against Humanity, Gloom, Fluxx, etc) for ease of transport.
  • To Do List Chalk Board – This one is kinda self explanatory

I want to work on all of them, but of course, I can’t do it all in one night. On top of that I have been yearning to play EQ2 (I haven’t played in so long that I probably need to reinstall), and I’m sure by the time I get home I’ll either want to play Guild Wars 2 or Orcs Must Die 2 with Hubby.

And of course, I’m constantly thinking about updating my blog at the worst times (like right now… Come on Amanda, break time is over…).

So what to do tonight, THAT is the question.

Preparing for PAX

I get to go to PAX this year! One month from now, the gamer masses will converge on Seattle for a three days of geekyness (as will music lovers for a different event, expect traffic). This will be my first PAX.

For the past week I haven’t been able to get PAX out of my head. Going to PAX is a big deal for me, both as a fangirl and as someone who wants to work in the video game industry. My inner project manager is planning what to bring and what to do, and making lists. A good plan starts with a list of things that need to happen right? (Well, after an objective, but that is already defined: PAX + Fun + Networking.) 


A glimpse into Sony Online Entertainment

Three weeks ago I made a spur of the moment decision to spend some time in San Diego during my vacation. After I booked my trip (Air miles + PriceLine.com = about $300 for flight plus three nights at a four star hotel), I decided to try to make visiting Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) a reality and the next day I had an appointment to meet Ashlanne during my trip. I was so ecstatic that I did a little dance at my desk (my co-workers thought I had finally gone insane). 

SOE LobbyOne week later, I took a cab from my hotel in the Gaslamp Quarter to the SOE office. I was paranoid about being late and nervous as if I was going to an interview. I arrived half an hour early and fidgeted in the lobby while waiting. Ashlanne was ready for me a few minutes later. 

First we visited the Community Team’s area. I met several members of the community team (advance apologies if I get names mixed up!). Zatozia’s cube is decorated like a torture chamber. I’d seen at least one picture before but it didn’t do it justice (I regret not snapping a couple of my own). 


The winner is me!

Well, I’m one of them at least…

A couple weeks ago, EverQuestII announced that they would be selling a special Prowler Mount in their Marketplace.

Koshka roaring

Koshka roaring

Instead of purchasing it with game money, like most mounts in EQ2, you could purchase it with Station Cash. I was a little excited, and hoped they wouldn’t be pricing it like WoW’s $25 mount.

I love my MMOs, but not enough to spend twenty five dollars on top of my monthly subscription fee for a mount.

I loved the prowler mount when I saw it in the market place. I even picked which one I’d buy. If it was only cheaper.

Then last Wednesday, Stargrace posted to an invitation for EQ2 players to share what they would name their prowler mount, if they had one. She had five codes for free prowler mounts that she would be giving to her favorites.

My entry:

I’d name mine Koshka.

I typically come up with something descriptive of my character or pets and then translate it into another language so it doesn’t sound lame. Calling it Cat would be pretty boring. Calling it Koshka (Russian for cat) just sounds better. (I’ve used Koshka for characters and pets in several games including CoH and WoW, so I’m pretty fond of it).

Today, Stargrace announced the winners. YAY ME!

I really should have been using that vacation day last Wednesday for homework. Instead, I gave up on homework by noon and was running a noob through New Halas quests. I enjoyed my mid-week slacker day, and now I’m extra glad for it because my pretty blue kitty is great.

Thank you Stargrace!


Koshka on the docks on the Isle of Mara at sunrise.


Calming Koshka in New Halas

If only there were more time for games.

I get to play EQ2 tonight! I know it is a silly thing to be so excited about. Let me explain.

I work full time; Often forty hours per week, but just as often it is a bit more. I am also taking six credits per quarter at Capella University. It is all online, but it is just as time consuming as going to a brick and mortar school.

While school is in session, I usually have little time for a social life, or a gamer life.

On week days I get up at 6:30, wake the hubby, get ready for work, wake the hubby (yes, again!), then carpool to work with hubby. We work 8ish to 5ish, then go home. I go to the store if needed then cook dinner, and then finally start on homework (by this time it is normally at least 7:00).

The first half of the week is harder to manage than the second half. Since the initial discussion posting(s) of the school week are due on Wednesdays, most reading and research must be done by then as well. In the second half of the week I have to read all posts on the class discussion board, post a few responses, and write an essay or two. It’s a lot, but the second half of the week includes the weekend so it’s normally not a problem.

But, it does mean that I generally don’t have much of a social life and don’t get the time to play games the way I’d like to. Now that I think about it, it has been more than a month since I’ve done an actual quest. So sad.

On the bright side, crafting goes OK with reading and I have a friend who gives me materials, so my trade skill level in EQ2 is well above my actual level.

Added later: I started writing this post on my way to work today (on my phone via the handy little WordPress for Android app). This afternoon my hubby wasn’t feeling well and left early so I took the bus home, and I continued writing while on the bus. When I got home (slightly later than usual) I scrounged through the pantry and figured out what was for dinner and cooked. By the time I was done it was 7:00 and my friend that I quest with was due to be logging out in an hour.

So yet again, no questing. At least I got to finish the evil crafting quest in Sinking Sands. (If I’m ever so lucky to have Domino reading this, I do mean evil in a good way. It was quite enjoyable.)