Bug Report

I just submitted my favorite bug report ever. Since I regularly write bug reports for work, that’s really saying something.

One of the items in the Landmark patch notes today was “Added a feedback message to the player when they submit a bug. Now you know when it successfully sends the bug!”

Well, this evening I came across a bug, and submitted it (like the good little tester I am), and was disappointed to see that I did not receive a bug submission confirmation.

So naturally I proceeded to report another bug: “I submitted a bug report, and didn’t receive the new message confirming that the bug report had been submitted, so I am now submitting a bug report about bug report submission. :)”

When I read this to Hubby, I couldn’t stop laughing… but then a friend asked if I got a message confirming my bug report about not receiving a message about bug reports. And alas I didn’t.

Hopefully the bug is with the confirmation message for the submission of bug reports, and not the bug report submission itself, because it would be a shame if my bug report didn’t make SOMEONE laugh.

I’m not so good with words.

I’ve never been much of a writer. It’s something I do to amuse myself, not something I do because I’m any good at it. But every once in a while something happens (particularly at work) that makes me laugh and think “I should blog about this”. I had one of those moments today so instead of finishing my post about visiting SOE, I thought I’d share my silly story.

I’ve had a horrible headache today, so when I was teaching someone (Senior Helpdesk Guy) how to set up a salesperson in our fulfillment system, I just couldn’t come up with the right words. Senior Helpdesk Guy was typing in the alpha numeric code that we use to identify sales people, but typed it in mixed upper and lower case.


Pursuing happiness in a difficult time.

While stumbling around the web today (I ❤ StumbleUpon) I found a video by a guy who is in the hospital in quarantine for drug resistant tuberculosis (TB). He’d been hospitalized before… they thought they’d cured him, and he was sent home only to get even sicker. Now he’s been re-quarantined and in the hospital in quarantine for months.

How’s he spending his time? Instead of (more…)