Sometimes I wonder…

Is my goal too focused?
Should I try for it now?
Should I wait until I graduate?
Is it really realistic and attainable?
How do I get in?
How do I prepare?
What if it doesn’t happen?
Why do I doubt myself?
What if there is a different excellent opportunity?
Do I try for it?
Do I take it?
What am I willing to do?
What sacrifice is worth while?
How far would I go?
How far would he be willing to go?
Is the dream impacting my work performance?
In a bad way?
Is the impact to my school work worth while?
Am I overly ambitious?
Can I afford to dream?
Can I afford not to?

Days like today…

Warning: This post contains venting and lacks quality.

I really dislike the first work day of the month. I work in IT, and every month we have some frustrating system issue come up. Some months they’re expected others they’re surprising. Some months they are easy to fix, others they take a lot of time.

For the past several months without fail we’ve had invoicing issues, but we went into work on April first expecting that we wouldn’t have a problem. We’d found the cause of the problem and fixed it. My husband and I were even joking about sending our boss (we work together) an email from the system saying that invoicing had not worked. It was April Fools day after all.