Comments on the Enterprise theme

I’ve gotten a bit of traffic coming from a pingback from WordPress’s announcement for Enterprise (linked in my previous post), so I thought I’d add this post to share what I like about Enterprise and make the pingback actually useful to people coming from the Enterprise announcement.

I was previously using Freshy. Freshy is clean and colorful, but not as customizable as Enterprise is, and not as clean as Enterprise.

My favorite things about enterprise: (more…)

A few thoughts about my blog’s format.

There are a bunch of things I want to do here, so I thought I’d make myself a post to keep track of them. I know a lot of this is just edits to CSS (as if I’ve ever done that before), so I’m hoping I can figure it out relatively easily.

As I’m writing this, the BSA in me is thinking “Maybe if I write a spec and post it some nice developer will do the work for me”. Oh, how I make myself laugh.

Layout: I generally like the theme I have selected, but there are a few things that I’d like to change.

  • Make it a bit wider
  • Have widgets at the bottom of the page
  • Change the color that is used when highlighting text
  • Change the format used for the headings above the widgets on the right
  • Change the date format to show an abbreviated version of the Month instead of the month number (for example today would be 9 May 2010 instead of 9 5 2010). I already have it set up this way in my settings, but the date format on my theme doesn’t seem to pay attention to that setting.

Pages: My current theme allows one page for posts, and then additional “static” pages that either show static text/images or all of your links. Figure out if I can:

  • Add pages that show all posts for a category, like some other themes have.
  • Add pages that show links for just a selected link list, rather than all links.
  • Change widgets for each page.

Links: Helpful looking information and sites that have the some of the features I want: