I am in the final hours of a week long vacation. It was much like a nine day weekend, and it was amazingly relaxing. Hubby and I haven’t spent so much time together in a very long time.

In the past couple years, when I’ve taken vacation time, it has normally been a long weekend, involved several days spent with my family (without Hubby), or I have taken vacation time at a different time than hubby (one of the challenges of working for the same company in the same department, and of my school time).

We spent quite a bit of time playing Titan Quest: Immortal Throne; a very amusing top down co-op RPG.  I read a little more of The DaVinci Code (very interesting, even though I’ve seen the movie). I made some Mac & Cheese Cups, and tried making Granola Bars (I’ll need practice).

It was a great week, other than straining my back while shoveling wet snow, and I’m looking forward to returning to work tomorrow (yes, really).

A glimpse into Sony Online Entertainment

Three weeks ago I made a spur of the moment decision to spend some time in San Diego during my vacation. After I booked my trip (Air miles + = about $300 for flight plus three nights at a four star hotel), I decided to try to make visiting Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) a reality and the next day I had an appointment to meet Ashlanne during my trip. I was so ecstatic that I did a little dance at my desk (my co-workers thought I had finally gone insane). 

SOE LobbyOne week later, I took a cab from my hotel in the Gaslamp Quarter to the SOE office. I was paranoid about being late and nervous as if I was going to an interview. I arrived half an hour early and fidgeted in the lobby while waiting. Ashlanne was ready for me a few minutes later. 

First we visited the Community Team’s area. I met several members of the community team (advance apologies if I get names mixed up!). Zatozia’s cube is decorated like a torture chamber. I’d seen at least one picture before but it didn’t do it justice (I regret not snapping a couple of my own).